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Welcome to the Live Like Cat Organization – A starting place for everything Caitlyn (Cat) Carman. Here you can reminisce about Caitlyn’s passion for living to the fullest, support her compassion for others by donating to her foundation, immerse yourself in her authenticity, engage with her media following, or learn about upcoming events and fundraisers to continue her legacy. And most importantly, we hope you get inspired to develop the principles to Live Like Cat.

Live Like Cat Foundation

Caitlyn (Cat) literally wrote her own story. In a speech given just a month before her death, as part of her studies to become a Special Education teacher, she explained her core values and encouraged others to practice these principles. Somehow, with help from above, her classmate decided to videotape the speech, which would become Caitlyn’s legacy. Indeed, Caitlyn was wise beyond her years.

As written in Cat’s outline:
• Forgive often and love with all your heart
• Don’t take life for granted
• Live every day like it’s your last
• Appreciate the little things
• Be more kind to who you love
• Make the most of every day
• Live life to the fullest
• Experience new things
• Go take an adventure
• Forget about the stress in life
• Make yourself happy
• Call someone you love
• Or better yet, go talk to them personally
• Tell them that you love them
• And make sure they know that you care about them

Cat's Story

Cat's Story

Give Like Cat

Give Like Cat

Love Like Cat

Love Like Cat


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Recipient of the 2019 Dakota Spirit Caitlyn Carman Legacy Scholarship and Award goes to Derrek Kennedy
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Cat’s Brand


Cat, as her friends called her, became Caitlyn’s identity. The Live Like Cat logo, a scan of her own signature, represents her unique character right down to the cat’s nose, a heart. Each stroke represents the life lessons she taught us.


Caitlyn’s own handwriting included distinctive elements such as the dots on her i’s. Her sentences did not sit on a perfect baseline; they portray Cat’s easygoing personality that enveloped her life.


The color of life, renewal, nature and energy, seafoam green has a soothing and relaxing affect. It is often associated with renewal and growth. Caitlyn’s favorite Pi Beta Phi t-shirt was this color.